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01 June 18

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The Scotch College Reporter serves to commemorate and record the achievements of the community. It provides both an insight to the accolades of the current boys and gives you, the reader, a glimpse into the speculative future of the College. However, it is also important to periodically look back, and reflect on the progress of the College since its inception in 1897.

The year 2017, in particular, marks the re-opening of Memorial Hall, and is a perfect example of this year's theme: "Old, but ever new". Only a few years ago this hall was used for school assemblies, balls, and a cornucopia of other events, yet as the building aged and the Scotch College community grew into what it is today, it became unable to fulfil its prior purpose. This led the Memorial Hall to be eventually replaced with the Dickinson Centre. The following renewal of this building into a world class lecture theatre not only represents the continual progress of the College in terms of providing an unparalleled education to its students but is also an allegory for how humanity must be willing to change and adapt as times dictate.

The Reporter Committee was keen to emphasize the importance of the College's history and provided a Reporter that highlights the current achievements of boys and the broader holistic heritage of the College. To reflect the theme "Old, but ever new", we selected a letterpress style for the cover and interior pages of the yearbook, as well as the incorporation of numerous design elements and graphics hat we concluded would pleasantly accompany the platitudes that adumbrate the entirety of the 2017 Reporter.

Attention must be paid to Lisa Crofts, Kerrin Girando, Lucy Seattle and Lewis Idle, as The Reporter could not have been possible without their help. They have provided incalculable assistance through organizing meetings, planning, and designing the entire Reporter, and the consistent high quality nature of Reporters past and present is a testament to the dedication these staff give.

Darcy Frazer
Year 11 Ferguson

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