1998 Year 8 Rottnest Camp 

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03 December 18

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Year 8 Rottnest Camp

Good afternoon, boys. Today I will be talking to you about the wonderful Year Eight camp that you will go on to Rottnest. You will experience many fun activities, make friends with many new boys, stay at the Kingstown Barracks in dorms and eat wonderful food in the dining hall.

Some of the highlights of the camp will be the snorkelling, fishing, Art, House activities and jumping off Eagle Rock, if you're lucky. If you wont to test more skills, then aquatics is the activity for you: excellent games on the beach in (tippers, a triathlon and lots of fun.

Fishing was my favourite . We set our fishing rods up and practised costing them outside the barracks. We also hod a casting competition in which Idid quite well. Your snorkelling will be in the Rottnest water containing the most beautiful things you will ever see. The coral life and fish are amazing. In Art, you can draw anything you wont to from all the activities on Rottnest. Ifyou are a great artist, your picture will decorate the BRC for the rest ofthe year:a chance for fame. You will also get a great deal of information when you visit the Rottnest Museum.

Are you creative? The camp also provides you with a disposable camera, which is excellent. Can Igive you a hint? Toke some really good photos because often at the end ofthe camp there is a competition for the best photo. After the camp you will be very fit, because you go on bike rides exploring the island thoroughly and visiting even the most distant sites and sights.

The Kingstown Barracks is a great place to stay because of its wonderful facilities, For starters, you have a huge, grassed area right near your dorm where you can run around and enjoy yourself Just down from the grass is a wonderful area with Basketball rings and space to just muck around. One of the great features is the Dining Hall situated right in the middle of the dorms so that it is easy to access, The food, very important to anyYear Eight. is wonderful, You also get great service and have a home-like meal.

Just when you think all the good things are over; the night before you go home you have a great Quiz Night where everyone gets involved, and you can win lots of prizes, Each night you get to write a diary on what you've done during the day. Once you get home, you really appreciate this because it helps you remember all of the great things that have happened over the post five days, In conclusion, I hope you realise that the camp will be a brilliant experience for you, I will never forget the fond and funny memories I have of the camp, When received my photos bock, I also realized the great time I had, especially when I looked at the really funny photo of my motes all pulling weird faces at the camera.

Author: Troy Linney OSC2002
Photographs: Adrian Douglas OSC2002 and Peter Easton OSC2002
Publication: 1998 Scotch College Reporter

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