1998 Year 9 Moray Camp 

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03 December 18

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The Year 9 Moray Camp Day 1:

As usual the worst part of the camp, sitting there wondering what is awaiting you down the track at Moray. But eventually, to much disbelief, the bus made it. Awaiting us there was the infamous Mr Gilby. he put is through our paces and got the luxurious campsite in order. Almost straight away we were into 'problem-solving activities'. 'What's This?' we thought. We completed three out of the four activities, which is pretty good. Other groups can only make one or two. A lot of shouting and disagreements preceded the problem-solving.

Dinner was self cooked on the BBQ. Rare Steak and mushy sausages. After shouting, playing tricks, pills fighting etc, we finally went to sleep.

Day 2: Water-filled Fun
Boy, was it cold. It had been three degrees overnight, and we were frozen stiff. I finally got up and realized that outside was worse than the dorms. Today was canoeing up the river and rafting. To make matters worse, I was the only one on a raft without a wetsuit. We capsized and it was freezing! Our new and improved raft made it though. Canoeing was peaceful, except for hitting rocks several times. Our hutch was a success and after a session sitting around the fire, we went to sleep.

Day 3: Bush Education
The morning mist was so thick, you could hardly see infant of you. and it was still freezing! I finally made my way out of my snug sleeping bag and trekked back to the campsite for breakfast. Aboriginal Culture was on the menu after that. Our speaker knew EVERYTHING! He spoke about Rainbow Serpents, legends, and the present day. We got a little confused with the information overload. Trying to hunt a didgeridoo and play a kangaroo doesn't sound right. We learnt about bush tucker, making special ;glue; and other fun activities. Another night in the hutches after marshmallows and talk. After raiding another hutchie before bed, we got our just deserts before at 3.00am when they retaliated with hutch food.

Day 4: Pure Thrill
We woke as wet as a canned tuna. Saturated! We squelched unto brekky, and got ready for a day of climbing and walking the ropes course. Geez, when you climb that wall to the top, then you look down, you sure get a tingly feeling. We climbed an easy wall, then a hard wall, and then got to abseiling down the back wall. That was a good experience. After lunch, we marched back, full of confidence, to the ropes course, seventeen metres off the ground. Seven stages of pure griddiness and thrill for the twenty minutes it took to complete. One of the top experiences of the camp for most. Unfortunately, due to the towers recent construction the high ropes course was not complete. Oh well, we will leave that to the next lot of guinea pigs. Cameron house. On Thursday night, various people were supposedly stalked by wild, man eating emus. Its hard to believe but anything can happen in the bush at Moray.

Day 5: Clean Up
Friday morning: the usual duties of cleaning. A great way to unwind after a hard week of activities at Moray. Thanks to all staff for organizing a great week!

Authors: Tim Slattery OSC2001 and Tim Smoker OSC2001 Publication: 1998 Scotch College Reporter

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